• "Fantastic work.
    Far and away our best Bridge ever!"

    Ivor Dickinson – managing director, Douglas & Gordon

  • "It was creatively brilliant, highly successful and secured us new leads and clients"

    Kelly Klein – founder, Student@Home

  • "Stunning work. Love Brunch loves Matchbox!"

    Johnny Boud – founder, Love Brunch

  • "Their attention to detail is second-to-none and our ad campaign brought traceable results"

    Rachel James – marketing manager, John Lewis

  • "A forward-thinking company who transformed our marketing strategy and image"

    Olivia Quarelle, marketing manager, Douglas & Gordon

  • "The team reinforced our position in the market and generated significant new inquiries and instructions"

    Arnaud Cheung, director, Domus Nova

  • "If only everyone was this easy to work with"

    Alicia Anderson – marketing manager, Kensington Roof Gardens

  • "They are consummate professionals with an implicit understanding of our brand values"

    Rosanna Caldwell – lettings director, Hamptons International

  • "Matchbox executes all of our campaigns stylishly and professionally"

    Graham Robinson – manager, Halcyon Interiors

  • "Matchbox always delivers great results"

    Rosanna Caldwell – lettings director, Hamptons International

  • "Great campaigns.
    Matchbox just gets us. And gets the job done"

    Jenny Edwards – creative director, The Howard de Walden Estate

  • "Matchbox is innovative, creative and results-driven. A joy to work with"

    Janine Abrahams – marketing manager, Body Works West

We are

content marketing


We ignite brands and deliver results.

Con•tent Mar•ket•ing | n

1. Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable content using unobtrusive marketing
to attract, acquire, and deliver relevant information to a target audience.
2. The objective: to engage customers long term

Our Work

Our Process

Your idea

Here’s how it works. Give us a call to tell us about your project so that we can identify your objectives. More enquires? Increase in site traffic? Improved brand awareness? Better customer engagement?

Whatever your business goals, we will help them become a reality.

In order to create the right strategy we’ll meet to discuss your brief to understand the metrics that drive your business. Our team of strategists, publishers, storytellers, creatives, innovators, and technologists will then be ready to bring your ideas to life.


Next, we will present you with our proposal. This will outline our strategic approach, creative ideas, references and any technical requirements, along with the project scope, costs, timings and expected returns. Then we’ll shake hands and get started.

To understand exactly what makes your audience tick, the Matchbox team will then fully immerse themselves in your brand to create irresistible and engaging content.


Once the project has been completed, signed-off and delivered (and celebrations have calmed down), we’ll debrief and analyse the results to calculate the exact returns from your campaign. Armed with the facts, we’ll be ready to refine your project and repeat the success, with even bigger and better returns.

Keen? Get in touch below.

Our Services

Website development
Inbound & digital marketing
Marketing automation
Copywriting, Photography, Video
Social media
Print & digital publishing

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Our Team

Tim Lovell
Laura Roechert
Digital & Content Marketing Director
Sophie Newstead
Project Manager / Copywriter
Alicia Pollett
Account Director
Nancy Alsop
Jordan Buchanan
Finance Manager
Ella Marshall
Features Editor
Matt Flynn
Digital Creative
Sarah Turner
Camilla Cary-Elwes
Sub Editor
Ed Webb
Graphic Designer
Brenda Rico Sanchez
Account Manager
Chris Cooper
Digital Designer
Harry Lincoln
Web Developer